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The Importance of Sustainability

Kakuzi's operations are closely integrated with the local communities and, because the very nature of agriculture is long-term, we are aware that we can have an impact on the environment. We are therefore dedicated to managing our businesses in a sustainable manner. Our core values have been nurtured over many years, and these will continue to guide our behaviour to ensure a sustainable future for our businesses.

Our Core Values

  • To act honestly, fairly, with integrity and respect in all our business dealings
  • To respect the dignity and well-being of all those people who work for us
  • To support environmental sustainability and biodiversity
  • To respect and contribute to the communities that are affected by our business
  • To produce safe and quality products consistently

Business Integrity:

All our business dealings will be conducted honestly, fairly and with integrity such that we continue to be trusted partners to all our stakeholders. Our summary code of conduct is to;

  • Understand and comply with all legal requirements
  • Be honest, open and co-operative with all regulators
  • Prohibit bribery in any form
  • Compete independently and not enter into any anti-competitive agreements
  • Properly record, report and review financial and tax information