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Macadamia Orchards

The Kakuzi Macadamia Estate is in its infancy. Planting began in 2007 and to date 622 Ha have been planted. By 2016 there should be 1,063 Ha in the ground. There are currently 185 mature hectares which are producing nut-in-husk for the de-husking facility commissioned in 2012.

In 2013, some of the macadamia trees came into production and the nut in shell was sold to the local market. In 2014 we exported our first kernel with the cracking of the nuts having been sub-contracted.   

We currently have our own state-of-the-art Macadamia Cracking plant at Kasioni. This is a flagship project and one of its kind, producing quality and safe macadamia nut kernel since 2016.

The macadamia project at Kakuzi is a strategic development for the Company, which will add to the existing Camellia Groups investments in Malawi and South Africa. Collectively this will make the Camellia Group one of the largest privately owned macadamia suppliers in the world.

Production will be accredited to international standards.