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Throughout our business there is a deep appreciation of the critical role that forestry plays in the quality of life both now and into the future.  Our principle of custodial management is clearly demonstrated in the way we manage our indigenous forests and natural resources.  With a full time Forestry Manager, we ensure there is a closely monitored program to enrich catchment areas and all indigenous forests on our estates.  The positive effect of conservation and management of indigenous forests is reflected in the number and diversity of flora and fauna in these areas.

With the same commitment, our plantation forests are also monitored against a forestry management plan to ensure we have a steady and sustainable supply of fuel wood used in tea processing.

There are 1282 Hectares of mainly Eucalyptus, grandis, E.  saligna and E. camaldulensis plantings of which 905 Hactares are commercial plantations and 377 Hectares are non-commercial plantations. 

Wood production

Currently we plant between 20 to 30 Hectares per year on commercially high yielding sites. Kakuzi has developed a wood-processing yard where timber and poles are treated. Timber is milled, pallets manufactured, "ecofriendly" charcoal produced and firewood sold, all in the same yard. Treated poles of many sizes are available for sale.

Quality Forestry Products

  • Poles
  • Timber
  • Flower Supports
  • Fencing Posts
  • Gates
  • Wooden Planting Boxes
  • Trellising
  • Doors
  • Door frames
  • Heat Treated Pallets
  • Charcoal
  • Bee Hives

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